Dosing Suggestion

Dosing with CBD

Quick Start for 1000mg bottle : 0.5 to 1 mL taken twice daily or as needed. 1 mL = 33.3mg of CBD

We suggest starting between 
15-50 mg (CBD) per day, broken up into several smaller doses at first. Start lower, then apply a layering technique if needed. This will help you realize your own Therapeutic dose, and spacing needed between doses.

Dosing with hemp oil is quite individual, just as each and every one of us is unique and individual. It can take some time to play around with this tincture, learn to properly hold it under the tongue, and to track symptoms and schedule doses through out the day to experiment with How many Milligrams your body needs per day to balance your (ECS) Endocannabinoid system.

Once you find your therapeutic dose and learn to Layer product as needed, You will have an empowering tool to add to your daily routine to help you feel more fluid, balanced, and calm, as well as reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, and aid in the healing of a Host of many heavily researched diseases and Ailments. 

It may take some time to build up healthy levels of CBD and Cannabinoids within Your body. This can take several weeks or more, for a new, or Cannabinoid deficient user. Consistency is the Key.

Once a therapeutic dose is realized, and practiced, you can learn to optimize the use of this Organic Full Spectrum CBD oil as part of your daily regimen. This can be quite an empowering tool, and gives the user freedom over amounts used, in a safe, alternative, Organic way to add accurate milligrams of CBD, as well as Full plant nutrients, phytonutrients, Terpenes, Flavonoids, amino acids and Cannabinoids into your diet.

A daily dose will differ from person to person. While 25 milligrams per day is a general Industry standard, and is a great amount for many people to start at, it seems to be low for some who are tackling more extensive health issues.

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD oil is taken sublingually under the Tongue, and held for 60-90 seconds. It is suggested to refrain from food or drinking for up to 5 minutes for maximum absorption. 

On a 1000 mg tincture
1 mL = 33 mg
.75mL = 24.75 mg
.50mL = 16.5 mg
.25mL = 8.25 mg

In general - smaller doses can be more energetic, and larger doses slightly more lethargic. Keep this in mind when troubleshooting when and how much oil you’d like to take for your specific ailments.
For chronic back pain, I personaly take larger doses morning and night to combat stiffness and pain. 

We personally use between 50-150 mg per day, and see amazing results with consistency for those using between 25-150 + mg per day.

We love this plant, use it often, and it has change our lives. Now we love to share it with our family, friends and clients. We try our hardest to stay up to date with research and compliance.

This is merely a suggestions, and is not a prescription for all, Nor are we licensed Doctors of Medicine. We are not able to diagnose nor Cure you. But we are most definitely here to bring you tools to incorporate More Peace, relief and balance into your lives.

Layering technique Ideas:
Take note of the time taken.
Start by tracking your Symptoms on a scale of 1-10. Some ideas may be.
Mood level
Pain level
Anxiety level
Stiffness level
Joint pain level
Creativity level
Happy level 
Stress level
Motivation level

Example: 50 milligram (mg)
50 mg per day for a higher medicinal strength. (This is Recommended for chronic pain and autoimmune sufferers.)
Say you want to break it up into 3-4 doses. Start with 16.5 mg to start. This equals .50 mL on your measured Dropper. Take the tincture sublingually under the tongue, and hold for 60-90 seconds. Try to avoid food or drinking for several minutes afterward if possible.
Wait 45 minutes-1 hour. Check your symptoms and numbers on the scale from 1-10 again. If you’ve seen and felt a shift and change, you can hold off the next dose for several hours. Or If numbers have only slightly changed, take an additional 16.5 mg now. Take note In another hour how you’re feeling, and check your numbers again. You may repeat this as often as necessary with as few or many milligrams as you feel good with. If discomforts have subsided, wait until evening and take your Additional 16.5 mg. Or break that dose up in half and apply this sequence In the evening. You can apply this layering technique when combatting heavy pain or symptoms for hours at a time, or when trying to determine that sweet spot where you feel relief, have enough tincture and Cannabinoids In your system, and your body feels more fluid. When you realize what milligram has that effect on you, make it your starting number and repeat atleast 2 times daily for optimal effects. 

Full spectrum oil Builds up per milligram of CBD in your system making heavier pain and discomfort more bearable when you learn to layer Cannabinoids and higher milligrams for more medicinal relief.