About Us

We are a small family hemp farm that is passionate about sustainable organic farming and growing high potency CBD dominant hemp plants.

Our goal is to create products that ease pain and help others to live more comfortable healthy lives. We have experienced firsthand the benefits and positive change that can come from using high quality full spectrum CBD products.   

It all started when…

After struggling through a decade of chronic back pain, failed surgeries & harsh meds, Jessica started researching alternative natural solutions for her own pain management. What we found was a lot of scientific research about cannabinoids and their role in regulating & supporting the body, as well as relieving pain.

We began taking CBD oil daily. Jess began using it more and more frequently for a pain management alternative. Our families health & our quality of life really began to improve. We finally felt hope. The positive changes to our physical & mental well being since full spectrum CBD was introduced into our lives continues to fuel us on our journey forward.

Tim discovered a true passion for growing these medicinal plants for his family. The hope that we have found in this plant is what we wish to share with each of you. We are driven to help as many as possible with their own health journey through the amazing benefits of cannabinoids from hemp. We created this Hempstead as we dreamed of a simpler life together, farming as a family. Welcome to our New Era.

New Era Farms is a CDA registered hemp farm based in Colorado's western slopes. All of our products are produced from farm bill compliant industrial hemp. Grown and processed here in Colorado. Third party lab tested. We never use herbicides or pesticides and grow all organic. All products are made with legal industrial hemp derived extracts. We ship to all 50 states.