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Now in a green glass bottle

Are you ready for a more radiant and improved complexion? Try SKIN GLOW! A pure plant based skin serum. We take highly concentrated healing compounds from the earth and infuse them with our CBD extract for a perfect ratio of hydration and soothing. Formulated with luxurious essential oils, powerful antioxidants and quality compounds to support and nourish maturing skin.

Take charge of your skin by using our serum 2x a day to get a more tight, smooth, and radiant complexion.  Apply generally over a clean and dried face, taking care to avoid the eyes. Using clean hands, massage serum into face in circular motions. No need for moisturizer, just let the skin serum sit on for 20 minutes before applying make up.

Shake well before each use.

We use only the highest quality lab tested, certified therapeutic grade essential oils, hemp extracts and organic carrier oils.
10ml roller bottle with 100mg of full spectrum CBD.
All Organic Ingredients: Rose hip oil, cold pressed jojoba oil, full spectrum hemp extract, yarrow flower oil, pomegranate seed oil, copaiba resin oil, frankincense resin oil, tea tree leaf oil.
Contains hemp derived CBD Under 0.3thc.